Home Page - As people grow in appreciation of the vital role that healthy living trees play in enhancing human life, concern and interest in trees is growing. For some, structural stability and the safety of trees is the major concern. Others are worried about continued health and longevity in the trees that grow next to them. Communities and commercial companies understand the need to include the care of trees in planning for the future. Homeowners realize the need to care for trees.

Inspections - Why do we Inspect Trees? Simply........ to be safe.... to know more..... to care better. Where people and trees meet, issues arise. Tree Inspection can provide information, to enhance appreciation of trees and help to ensure their safety and health.

Residential Assessments - An assessment of the current condition of your trees. What to expect as your trees grow older. How you can manage their care.

Community Assessments - Our work with local administrations enhances the services provided by their professionals. We offer contracted services to aid in long term planning.

Commercial Assessments - Trees provide an ambience in company campus and office park settings. Their presence is calming and inspiring. They welcome people and tempt them to stay. We can help ensure the health and safety of your trees. Maintaining ambience while minimizing liability.

Examples of Problems & Solutions - Examples of each of the three categories of inspection.

Tree Failure - In extreme conditions, even the healthiest tree can fail. There are genuine reasons to be concerned about the health and stability of trees close to dwellings and recreation areas.

Inspection Methods - An individual tree is very much the product its environment. Looking at the overall picture; the health of the soil, turf, other plants, as well as trees, can reveal the cause of disease, or indicate potential problems.

Decay & Defects - In ordinary circumstances trees break or fall because defects or decay are present .Tools are now available to aid in the detection decay in trees.

Detection Tools - The external indications of decay and problems inside trunks and limbs, show in the shape changes the tree adopts to manage stress and continue growth. The effect of decay on the strength properties of wood can be determined.

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