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    Groups of Homes with View and Slope Related Issues.

    Communities with shared trees and greenbelts.

Where trees and territorial views are concerned strong opinions are the rule. Some look at trees as part of the view, giving perspective and framing the outlook, adding value to their home. Others regard trees as an obstruction, spoiling the view and reducing property value. Views of water and mountains usually mean sloping ground. Trees function in slope retention, binding topsoil and minimizing impact erosion. The contention brought on by tree related issues can destroy both trees and community good will.

An integrated approach based on community outreach is necessary

if a resolution to tree related issues is to be successful

In condominiums and apartment communities, other issues occur around the appreciation of trees. Individuals within a community may enjoy the shade and ambience provided by trees. Others may find their neighbors trees an inconvenience blocking light and clogging gutters and drains. Tree inspection and a well produced report can enhance tree appreciation and offer real treatments to resolve contentious issues.

Our work with local administrations enhances the services provided by their professionals. We offer contracted services to aid in long term planning:

Hazard evaluation.
Tree care specifications.
Construction specifications.
Contractor Administration.
Restitution Plans.
Community Information outreach programs

As communities expand, the need for tree preservation measures is clear. Planning codes require tree preservation measures. Wetland areas and riparian set asides are the standard. Specifications call for the protection of existing trees. Following development, the management of these areas often falls upon the new communities that include them. We can provide consultation services to assist in community management of trees:

Long term maintenance planning
Mapping and identification of hazard areas
Planting and preservation plans.


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