Tree Inspection at Residential Homes

Since 1993 hundreds of residential tree inspections have been carried out throughout the Puget Sound area. Trees of concern are placed on a regular monitoring cycle to evaluate any changes in condition. Many trees that would have been cut down have been preserved.


Evergreen State College

45' tall Sycamore Pollards were located in close proximity to the new construction of the Library extension. The trees would have been destroyed by the excavation required for the foundation. Six trees were moved to a new location on campus. The trees were pollarded root pruned and balled and burlaped prior to lifting.

City of Oak Harbor

A large Garry Oak located immediately adjacent to the roadway has been impacted by cars and was in contact with the asphalt roadway and parking area. The asphalt was cut away and the area was hydraulically excavated to allow a root crown inspection. The road was subsequently diverted the asphalt removed and the root collar area made into a bed.

University of Washington

Since 1993 the campus has been subject to site specific tree evaluations to assess individual tree of concern to groundstaff. Reports generated provide an external opinion and advise on recommended treatment.




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