Since the beginning of human time trees have played a vital role in supporting and enhancing human life; providing shelter, nourishment, tools for living spiritual purpose and inspiration.

Now, with increasing pressure on the global tree community we must come to a greater understanding of our role in supporting and enhancing the life of trees.

A growing number of Communities, Municipalities and Local Authorities now mandate tree preservation by law.

Counties and States specify tree retention during growth and development. Permits are required for work in Environmentally Critical Areas.

Business's recognize the value of trees: in shopping malls, office parks and retail areas. Planning for tree maintenance and future care.

Community leaders advocate for tree preservation and voters recognize leaders that emphasize the urban forest.

Homeowners realize the need to care for the trees on their property and in their community.

For some the structural stability and the safety of trees is a major concern. For others... the continued health and longevity or the trees around them.

In Towns, Cities and surrounding suburbs trees are damaged or removed without good reason..........

Successful maintenance of the urban forest means building bridges to communicate the real value of healthy living trees.

Our goal is to resolve the genuine concerns that individuals, communities and business's have about their trees.

To offer sound, pertinent advice based on contemporary arboricultural knowledge.

Tree Sleuth

Where are these trees?

Each month we will bring you photographs of phenomenal trees from places around the world. Can you identify these trees and give their location?

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To foster deeper appreciation through better understanding

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